What We Do

Koli-Lõks provides information about who is sending bulk or transactional email to whom. We track email to email addresses around the world, and can therefore tell you a great deal about the bulk email that a particular IP address or domain is sending, or the bulk email that is sent on behalf of a particular domain.

We specialize in providing this information to:

Our products are still under development, so we offer them on a limited basis only. When they are more widely available, information about them will be available here.

Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

Further information about ICANN's policies and materials for Registrants is available on the ICANN website:

Registrant Rights and Responsibilities

Company Information

Koli-Lõks OÜ is a limited company registered in Estonia.

Legal Details

Registration Number: 12815457
VAT ID: EE101811635

Postal Address

Koli-Lõks OÜ
Toompuiestee 11/2
10142 Tallinn

Telephone, (Signal welcome) & E-Mail

Telephone: +372 5883 4269 (Signal)
E-Mail: uldine@koliloks.eu